Avex Music Publishing own, manage, and administer music composition copyrights and related content. Dedicated and experienced staff negotiate and enter into publishing agreements directly with composers, lyricists, and artists. In exchange to ensure our writers receive full service, Avex Music Publishing license those copyrights, monitor composition usage, register song copyright credits, and perform royalty collection, royalty accounting and allocation.



Avex Music Publishing explore business opportunities for the potential usage of represented compositions across a broad spectrum of media maximizing licensing opportunities through pitching and procurement with advertising, commercials, jingles, movies, film and trailers, games, covers and adaption, and print and publications with the goal of creating mutually beneficial business relationships with those production companies and agencies.



Avex Music Publishing’s in-house creative team manages and produces a wide range of local and international compositions and master recordings with plugging to industry taste-makers for securing placements and exposure. Avex Music Publishing pride themselves to find the right music, artist and/or songwriter to match user needs with content creators. From young up-and-coming artists to prominent active widely-renowned writers, Avex Music Publishing offers a rich catalog.