31st May 2017

BACK-ON 15th Anniversary Live - “Ultimate Thanks”

BACK-ON 15th Anniversary Live - “Ultimate Thanks”

For fans, or even not, of BACK-ON’s genre of “Rap/Rock” style music, the band delivered a solid performance. BACK-ON bashed out twenty-one of their hit songs covering the span of their entire 15 year career. The high-energy stage presence and delivery had the audience ecstatic! The venue, the Liquid Room, located in Ebisu, was packed full with an audience singing, dancing, waving their hands and arms and really enjoying themselves thoroughly for the two and a half hour ensemble.

The interaction between the band members and their audience was mesmerizing. There was laughter and tears during the show. The tears shed were due to an official announcement that two of the original four members would be leaving the band with this show being their last live performance together with BACK-ON. All the tears were not in sadness, but in celebration of this special moment and wishing them well with their future endeavors.

The performance was recorded live for an autumn special 15th Anniversary “Best of…” release to contain all the bands singles and music videos released to date, and of course, a live DVD of this evenings performance.

The sound in Liquid Room was awesome with great sounding acoustics hearing everything between the lows, middles and highs, not to mention the light show. Usually in a small setting such as this, it is extremely loud, but not in this case. The PA operator controlled the levels at just the right settings - Not too loud, not too low!




Kenji03 (guitar / vocal)

Teeda (MC / Rap)

Gori (bass)

Shu (lead guitar)

Ryo "Shark" Aiba (drums)


(Set List / 2017.05.26)

Fly Away
Ready Set Go!
Strike Back
Sands Of Time
Ice Cream
What A Beautiful Day
Dear Me
Nibun no Ichi
With You
One Step

= encore =

Ultimate Adachi


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Official HP  http://www.back-on.com/

FaceBook  http://www.facebook.com/BACKON.JAPAN

Twitter  http://twitter.com/info_backon

iTunes  http://itunes.apple.com/jp/artist/back-on/id80865036


Ebisu's Liquid Room  http://www.liquidroom.net/