24th March 2017

ERIC MARTIN //special message for upcoming tour//

Hello my friends, this is Eric Martin from the band MR. BIG. We are in the recording studio cutting our 9th studio album (untitled as of yet. That’s always the last thing to do) and I'm here to tell you it sounds killer. We all wrote, arranged and recorded all of the basic tracks and over dubs in less than a week. It was like being thrown in the lions cage, but something about a deadline and goal just sharpens your mind and makes you push harder. 


I have been a part of MR. BIG, making music and touring all over the world, for 2 decades now and I can’t think of anything that I missed out on in life. Life is pretty damn good and it’s getting better every day.  


I’ve just signed a music publishing deal with the prestigious publishing company Avex Music Publishing Inc. for Japan and I’m really looking forward to working with Steve Harrell and all the staff there. 


In a few months from now, I’ll be hitting the road with MR. BIG for a world tour that will go through the end of the year.  


But in the meantime, I’ve put together a tour project called "U.S.A. Pop Brigade." We are going to strap on our electric guitars, bash out "A" chords and spit out some sweet harmonies just for fun and kicks.  


Joining me on "4 special concerts in Japan" will be my friends PJ Farley (bass) & Steve Brown (guitar) from the American rock band TRIXTER, and Rich Scannella (drums). This big dream of mine was put together to please everyone's (including my) thirst for some Pop Rock & Roll, to massage your skull, touch your heart and get inside your soul.