• Anthony Franks

Anthony Franks

This American born singer/songwriter made a name for himself penning hits for the likes of TAMAR BRAXTON and ADRIAN MARCEL. With a gift of writing R&B singles, Anthony was soon called to work with ADRIAN MARCEL and penned the hit record "2AM" , a popular club banger for the summer of 2014.

Anthony began writing songs at the early age of 12 and continued to write songs for his friends while in his hometown of Marion, IL.. While in his early 20’s Anthony established a barbershop in Carbondale, IL., however, after a series of life altering events, Anthony prioritized the needs of his daughter and sold his barbershop to leave the Midwest and follow his dreams.

After being released from his first publishing deal in 2010, the young entrepreneur in 2012 found success after relocating to Atlanta, GA., where he soon partnered with Grammy-Award winning producer/songwriter BRYAN MICHAEL COX. The partnership proved fruitful and after two short years in Atlanta Franks had the song "Pieces" placed on TAMAR BRAXTON’s second solo album "Love & War" which peaked "Hot R&B / Hip-Hop" song charts.

Anthony Franks’ creative style is inspired by R&B heavy weights such as THE DREAM, RICO LOVE, ESTHER DEAN, and BABYFACE. "I grew up on quality R&B music with the likes of DRU HILL, BOYZ II MEN, and SILK," Anthony says. “I like music everybody can relate to. I like big records that, no matter where you are, the song is amazing".