Chicago born Deekei grew up during times when R&B and Hip-Hop were at its best. Deekei has been influenced by BABYFACE as a producer and an artist, BOYS II MEN, BRIAN McKNIGHT, WHITNEY HOUSTON, MARIAH CAREY, DALLAS AUSTIN as a producer, TLC, KRIS KROSS, Dr. DRE as a producer and an artist, among many others too many to mention here.

In 2000, Deekei took a break from college to pursue a career as a music producer. Deekei worked as an assistant producer for the biggest K-POP producer at the time, K.C.H., in South Korea. After three years of working as an assistant producer, Deekei felt it was time to move on to other avenues of the business as an A&R director and executive producer.

Deekei moved back to America and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a bachelor degree in International Relations. From 2007 through 2009 Deekei worked with Sony BMG Entertainment (now known as Sony Music) in New York with the privilege of rotating around the labels under Sony BMG’s umbrella.

Deekei met and learned from great executives, A&R as well as other departments, and privileged to assist Rob Stringer (CEO at the time) and his assistant for three months. Deekei brought to the attention the movement of K-POP to a few executives at Sony BMG when it was heating up throughout Asia. 

Deekei has been fortunate to receive offers from major K-POP labels to create material for the K-POP movement. In 2013, Deekei started his A&R Executive career with Y.G. Entertainment, which led to creating his own company, Deekei Music Production & Publishing in 2015. Deekei still works on a non-exclusive basis as A&R Executive / Producer with Y.G. Entertainment.




  • G-DRAGON x TAEYANG - "Good Boy" (2014) (2015 YouTube “Music Award” winner)
  • TAEYANG - "Eyes Nose Lips" (2014) (2014 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) “Song of the Year Award” winner)
  • TAEYANG - "Ringa Linga" (2013)
  • TAEYANG feat. G-DRAGON - "Stay with Me" (2014)
  • WINNER - "Love Is A Lie" (2014)
  • WINNER - "Smile Again" (2014)
  • iKON - "Make U Proud (MUP)" (2015)
  • SISTAR - "String" (2016)
  • COSMIC GIRLS - "Catch Me" (2016)
  • HYO LYN (of SISTAR) x BUMKEY x JOOYOUNG - "Love Line" (2015) 



  • EXILE the SECOND - "Going Crazy" (2016)
  • Love, Dream, Happiness (LDH) - “Give Me Your Love” (2016)