Eric Martin started his career singing at the end of the 70’s for a San Francisco band called 415. After the 1984 breakup, Eric continued to belt out songs and in 1985 and 1987 released 『Eric Martin』 and 『I’m Only Fooling Myself』 solo efforts, which are lathered with Eric’s signature soulful voice and candid lyrics.

In 1988-89, Eric would team up with Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey and Paul Gilbert to form MR. BIG. They would enjoy enormous success with the release of six studio albums, numerous hit singles and 6 top-selling live CD’s. All combined, worldwide sales top the seven million mark. Eric’s third solo album, 『Somewhere In The Middle』 was written during the two-year hiatus from MR. BIG and in 1998 released throughout S.E. Asia and Europe. During the summer of 2001, Eric and the rest of the MR. BIG members released their last effort, 『Actual Size』.

After Mr. BIG’s demise, Eric continued recording albums and touring America, Japan and Europe. Eric released his most recent solo effort with little promotion due to a call from the biggest guitar star in Japan, Tak Matsumoto (B’Z). Tak decided to put together a rock band with his favorite players, this would include Eric on vocals, Jack Blades on bass, Chris Frazier and of course Tak on guitar. Their album 『TMG 1』, debuted platinum and was followed by a twenty city sold out tour ending in Japan’s infamous 15,000 capacity arena, the Nippon Budokan.

In 2009, Mr. BIG regrouped with all original members for a reunion tour and embarked on a world tour. They had so much fun that they decided to release a new album. In 2011, 『What If』 was released and reviewer’s raved about the four members creating their original sound with a current feel. The band continues to tour and release albums.

In 2012, one of the largest rock operas in the world contacted Eric to be featured on their new album. AVANTASIA is a German based rock opera born to EDGUY front man, Tobias Sammet. Eric joined the band on tour starting at the infamous “Waken Open Air Festival” in front of 80,000 concert goers and continues to tour with them in between MR. BIG and solo endeavors.

In 2014, MR. BIG released 『The Stories We Could Tell』 and are set to release their ninth studio album in 2017.

Eric Martin is still alive and kicking, touring regularly worldwide as a solo artist and with MR. BIG, SCRAP METAL and AVANTASIA.


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