Lee Hua Chang

Canadian songwriter and producer, Lee Hua Chang, has years of experience producing hit songs across Asia. Lee has been especially successful writing for new up-and-coming Chinese artists and breaking them into the C-Pop mainstream. Has achieved millions of YouTube views  for such artists as BII (畢書盡), BEN WU (吳思賢), ROSE LIU (劉明湘), MELODY (陈永馨), and with more to come.

Lee has had several Top Ten radio successful hits in the Chinese market with songs such as 「I Know」 by BII, 「Fly With Me」 by LANDY (溫嵐), 「Ai Ru Fei Fei」(愛入非非) by SHOW LUO (羅志祥), and has also written theme songs for major Chinese film and television market with animated film 『Little Door Gods』 (小门神), film 『Pi Zi Ying Xiong』 (痞子英雄), and television programs 『Fen Ai Fen Ai Ni』 (粉愛粉愛你) and 『Xuan Feng Guan Jia』 (旋風管家) to name a few.

On the independent side, Lee has also worked with major international YouTube artists such as JULIEN BAM (Germany), DESTORM (U.S.A.), and GAKATTACK (Canada).


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