Michael Romeo

Guitarist / Composer / Songwriter / Producer / Engineer

Michael began studying music at an early age with piano, then in his early teens, his main instrument became the guitar. Michael’s early influences included everything from; rock/metal bands like LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, PANTARA, RUSH, and contemporaries, to classical music composers such as BEETHOVEN, WAGNER, RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, STRAVINSKY, BARTOK, and many others. Michaels list of influences also includes that of many film composers like; BERNARD HERRMANN, JERRY GOLDSMITH, HANS ZIMMER, JOHN WILLIAMS, as well as many other contemporaries in the film scoring medium.

Michael’s musical legacy was established, in 1993, when Michael recorded a solo CD of instrumental music and was featured in magazines like; “Guitar World”, “Guitar FTPM”, and Japan’s World Famous, “Burrn! Magazine”, as well as many other international music magazines. The following year Michael put together a group of musicians, creating the foundation of the band SYMPHONY X. 

Soon after their inception,  Michael and his new band SYMPHONY X, signed their first record deal with the Japanese label; Zero Corporation. Since that moment, SYMPHONY X have released nine studio albums worldwide, through several different record deals with various labels around the world. All of SYMPHONY X’s albums have charted on Top Music Charts around the world, the last four albums in particular; 『Odyssey』 (2002), 『Paradise Lost』 (2007), 『Iconoclast』 (2011), and 『Underworld』 (2015), have all charted in the Top 100 - 200 on international charts, such as “US Billboard Top 100” and “Top 50 Rock” charts. Following the success of these releases the band has been able to tour the world over, as well as continue to play to audiences in new developing nations around the globe.

Michael is currently working on music for several TV and video game projects; and recently began scoring music for an upcoming feature film. He is also currently touring with SYMPHONY X to support their ninth studio effort 『Underworld』 (2015), and working on a few other collaborations with other artists.


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