• BEYONCE、JUSTIN BIEBER、 USHER 、BRITNEY SPEARS 等のアーティストの作家にクレジットされた有能プロデューサー

Patrick “J. Que” Smith

Patrick “J. Que” Smith’

Patrick “J. Que” Smith’s career is proof that God works in mysterious ways. 

It’s no accident that a minister’s son from Alabama ended up nominated for a Grammy in 2013 for “Best R&B Song” thanks to a chart-blazing ANTHONY HAMILTON song entitled 「Pray For Me」. And one look at J. Que’s credentials - two Grammy Nominations, five BMI Awards and song writing credits for artists like BEYONCE, JUSTIN BIEBER, USHER and BRITNEY SPEARS - tells you that he’s experienced some major opportunities that any capable producer would die for.


Smith grew up in the South with two parents who were ministers. The second of five kids in a musical family, Smith spent lots of time singing in church choirs and even earned himself a vocal scholarship prior to starting college. It wasn’t long before he realized his knack for writing and producing over being a vocalist. 


Near the end of 2003, Smith co-wrote Usher’s hit song 「Yeah!」 which later garnered him his first “Best R&B Song” Grammy nomination. His career then led him to form Atlanta-based pop music brain trust 【The Clutch】 in 2004 (http://www.bmi.com/news/entry/535185). The five-person team penned hits like 「The Way I Are」 for TIMBALAND, 「Take Me As I Am」 for MARY J. BLIGE, 「Like A Boy」 for CIARA and 「Ice Box」 for OMARION. That kind of ear for hit music continues to serve him well as he continues to expand his brand. 


“The first ten years of my career have been a wild ride, I’m really looking forward to the next ten,” Smith says.

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