25th 4月 2017

THE SECURITY PROJECT Japan Tour 2017 Report

THE SECURITY PROJECT Japan Tour 2017  Report

(by Trey Gunn)



Performing in Japan this month was an outstanding experience. This was my tenth trip here - the first being in 1993 with ROBERT FRIPP. It is always a real treat to come to Japan. For a variety of reason - the food, the people, the landscape, the pure love of music, the general craftsmanship that goes into everything here.

I have always held Japan and Japanese culture high in my mind. Side note: I have been practicing the Japanese art of Aikido for many years and just received my black belt four weeks before this tour. So, I have been anticipating this trip for a long time. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend any practices at the main Aikido Dojo in Tokyo on this trip. There just wasn’t time to squeeze that in.

Jerry Marotta, Happy Rhodes and myself were able to take an extra day after the Osaka show and travel to Kyoto for the day. This was fantastic, of course. We knew we wouldn’t have time to see much at all. So we decided to spend all of our time at the Daitoku-Ju area. A small walled off section of temples. It was a wonderful day and we had one of the best meals of my life inside one of the temples there.

And as good as that meal was, that experienced was eclipsed by sushi that evening in Osaka. At Koyoshi sushi. A very small sushi place (seats 10) run by a husband and wife. Absolutely stunning dining experience!



I had not performed at Billboard Live before, but I knew it would be great. And it was. Superb staff and a fantastic sounding room and PA system, both in Tokyo and in Osaka. We were able to easily get our setup going and interface with the club.

THE SECURITY PROJECT has a fairly unusual performance system in terms of technology. We bring our own digital mixer and monitoring system, a Behringer x 32 system. The whole system fits into one suitcase. This allows us to use no monitors on stage and all mixing is done with an iPad. Additionally we have no guitar amps on stage. That combined with our keyboard players custom built system allows us to travel with very minimal gear and get an enormous array of sounds happen. All at very low sounds levels if need be, as we don’t have to deal with the sound level of guitar amps.

We have way more material than one performance can hold so we ended up playing two different sets for each of the two shows at Tokyo and Osaka.

Most all of the material comes from PETER GABRIEL’s second album 『Car』, third 『Melting Face』 and fourth 『Security』 album recordings. Though we have added one piece of KATE BUSH’s 「Mother Stands For Comfort」 as Happy Rhodes, our singer, can sing the heck out of KATE BUSH’s songs. For that piece we arranged it to be mostly a duet with Happy and myself on fretless bass.

We also played several GENESIS tunes. For these shows we put in 「Back In N.Y.C.」, 「Fly On A Windshield」 and 「The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway」.

As we develop this material more and more, we end up adapting, changing and combining some of the material. We have created a mashup of 「Games Without Frontiers」 with a piece from PETER GABRIEL’s soundtrack to the film 【The Last Temptation of Christ】. And we’re currently performing a very new take on 「I Don’t Remember」 that almost sounds nothing like the original.


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Photos courtesy of Billboard Live / 2017 Yuma Totsuka